Game Rules


The objective of Squizus is to achieve a higher score than your opponent, while answering a series of trivia questions over several popular categories. You only have 15 seconds for answering each question! The player with the most points at the end of the set wins the round. In case of a tie, the fastest player wins.


How to Play

Squizus is free and very simple to operate!

  • First, Android users need to download the free app from Google Store on their smartphone and create an account. You are asked to login with either Facebook, Google+ or an email and create a Squizus username.
  • The app users can then choose an opponent either from their friends list, or from the thousands of other Squizus users.
  • After choosing an opponent, the player has to choose 2 out of all the question categories (eg Sports, Lifestyle, History, Geography, Cinema, Music, Business, Arts, Science, Food & Drinks, Cars & Bikes, Nature, General Knowledge, Logo & Flags etc).
  • Tap on “Play now” to get started!
  • To win and get more points, the player must answer correctly and quickly (15 sec is the time for each question) 20 questions from 5 different categories (2 selected by each player and 1 common to both players, which is randomly selected by Squizus).
  • Even if your opponent answers a question correctly before you, you can still get some points for answering correctly! If you enjoyed the challenge, after completing the game you can add the opponent as a friend for more Squizus challenges! Also, never quit… Otherwise, you’ll throw away points!


Main Menu

You can open Squizus main menu at any time by pressing the three-bar icon on the upper left-hand side of the screen. From here, you can, for example, access the settings (gear-shaped icon) and edit your profile or turn your sound effects and push notifications on and off.



When tapping your profile picture (or any opponent’s picture), you can view the best/worst two categories. In Main menu’s Statistics tab, you can also view a breakdown of other players’ ranking.



After completing at least one game with an opponent, Squizus also gives players the ability to communicate via chat.


Create your own question

In Main menu, Squizus gives players the ability to submit their own questions and contribute to game’s updates.


Increase your Score

The more you play, the more Squizus rewards you and helps you level up by giving additional points. The more you play increases your overall rank in the game and opens up achievements in your profile and more importantly, you gain knowledge, regardless of whether or not you won, while at the same time, having fun!


Game Updates and News

Be sure to check back often for game updates, news and much more! We will also try our best to keep you up to date via social media and Squizus website!